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Meet The Team

SYNDICO's team is comprised of the industry's brightest and most talented minds, bringing invaluable experience to the sector. They're building technology to simplify your life and create happier communities.

Charles Murat +

Charles Murat

Founder & CEO
  1. Civil Engineer
  2. Serial entrepreneur
  3. 20 years experience in real estate, buildings, large communities and facility management
Wissam Breidy +

Wissam Breidy

Founder & CMO
  1. Media Advisor
  2. MENA region Public Figure
  3. TV Presenter, Media advisor to several regional public personalities and agencies
Joe Karam +

Joe Karam

  1. Computer Engineer
  2. 14+ years of online & high-tech industry expertise
  3. Co-founded three companies in Silicon Valley
Henry Wong +

Henry Wong

  1. Attorney
  2. Venture executive
  3. Expertise includes corporate development (M&A), VC, strategic planning, finance, and operations